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The legendary Curlex® Power-Stop excelsior bale targets are built to handle the rugged demands of day-to-day repetitive archery use at archery clubs, public archery ranges, archery pro shops and home archery ranges. Engineered from unique excelsior fiber material, these proven archery bale targets have set the standard for over 30 years.  Durable and dependable, the Power-Stop excelsior bale target is great for indoor or outdoor use. The Triple Bale Target provides over 2300-square inches per front or back side. Made in USA.

• 48″ H x 48″ W x 18″ D
• Item # PS-148

MSRP: $79.95 ea. 

Call for WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS 830-310-9801.  Club and municipal discounts available!

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Optional Sizes

PS-248 Double Bale: $179.95 ea.

PS-348 Triple Bale: $259.95 ea.

Club and municipal discounts available! Contact Darrin Brown: 830-310-9801 or dbrown@americanexcelsior.com

Call for FREE pick-up locations or learn how to save up to 50% on shipping.

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  • Power-Stop Curlex® Wood Excelsior Bale Target may be the longest lasting archery target in the industry, with loyal customers reporting up to 20 years of use.
  • Power-Stop Curlex® Excelsior Archery Bale Targets are the perfect choice for Indoor and outdoor range use.
  • Curlex® Bales are engineered from unique Excelsior wood fiber materials that expand when damp and contract when dry. As the bales begin to dry out, deeper arrow penetration will occur. By simply wetting the entire bale with water, the individual wood fibers expand. As fibers expand the target becomes increasingly dense, bringing target performance back to “like new” condition every time.
  • Field points only. For use with both compounds and crossbows.
  • Each single bale is approximately 48” in length, 18” in depth, 16” in height and weighs approximately 100 lbs. Targets are sold in three individual bales for easier handling. For longer life, we recommend setting the bales off the ground (a pallet works great) to avoid direct contact with the ground. Stack the bales and ratchet strap them together and your target is ready to shoot.
  • Possibly the last field point target you will ever buy.

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Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 18 in