Looking for a durable, dependable target that will survive indoor or outdoor archery use for years? A wood excelsior archery bale target is your answer. The Curlex® Power-Stop archery bale target is your product of choice.
Curlex® Power-Stop™ Archery Bale Targets are the best excelsior archery range bale targets you can buy. Our range bale targets are some of the longest lasting targets on the market. The perfect choice for archery clubs, range owners and competition archery shooters.
Here at Power-Stop Archery Targets, we aren’t just foam target manufacturers. For instance, wood excelsior is a great material for archery targets. So, what does that mean for you, the archery enthusiast? Unlike other archery target manufacturers, you get many great target options from Power-Stop. This means our targets will perform at the greatest level YOU need. Furthermore, Power-Stop Archery Targets are better built. Our targets are lighter weight. They deliver easier arrow removal. In conclusion, our targets will provide years of day-to-day use.
They say practice makes perfect.  Well, at Power-Stop Archery Targets, “perfect” starts with better wood excelsior.