A convenient foam target engineered and built for the beginning archer. My First Target is manufactured to handle draw-weights up to 30 lbs. Lightweight and a snap to set-up, your new shooter will appreciate the easy arrow removal and lightweight design. Made in USA. The My First Archery Target by Power-Stop Archery Targets is made from high quality polyethylene foam for quick arrow retrieval and can accommodate field tip arrows.

Here at Power-Stop Archery Targets, we aren’t just foam target manufacturers. For instance, foam fabrication is our core business.  Chances are many of the foam products you use day-to-day contain foam fabricated by our company. So, what does that mean for you, the archery enthusiast? Unlike other archery target manufacturers, it means we don’t use scrap foam material. We don’t use any ordinary foam material available.  It means Power-Stop engineers the highest quality foam material. In addition, we fabricate the foam to meet our specific archery needs. This means our targets will perform at the greatest level YOU need. Furthermore, Power-Stop Archery Targets are better built. Our targets are lighter weight. They deliver easier arrow removal. In conclusion, our targets will provide years of day-to-day use.