OVERVIEW The Range 4x4 is a perfect choice for archery pro shops, archery clubs or archery enthusiasts interested in building a professional-quality range right at home. The Range 4x4 high-density layered polyethylene foam archery target can be used with field tips or broadheads. The Range 4x4 archery target is an undecorated target ready for whatever target face you choose; whether shooting spots, field, or anatomical target faces, the Range 4x4 provides plenty of room for multiple targets. The Range 4x4 target’s larger overall size makes it a great choice for practicing at longer distances at home, the archery club or the pro shop range. Lightweight in design, the Range 2x4 offers heavy stopping power with easy arrow removal. Made in USA. SPECIFICATIONS • 48" H x 48" W x 14" D • Item # 4848

PRICE: $799.95 ea.

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